Blum-Smith Mathematics is dedicated to making the beauty and fun of math accessible to everyone. Through the combination of rigor and discipline with creativity and play, we connect the power of mathematics with the natural creativity and curiosity of the human mind.

Many adults associate math with timed tests, vaguely-remembered formulas, and a general sense of alienation. Many also think of stress, helplessness, and feelings of incompetence.

By contrast, mathematicians themselves describe the experience of doing mathematics as thrilling, heady, suspenseful, beautiful and profound.

Some explain this stark contrast by saying that mathematicians are a special sort of person, maybe a little crazy, like the main characters in the films A Beautiful Mind and Proof. Normal people, they say, do not enjoy math. We at Blum-Smith Mathematics think otherwise.

Mathematics is what the human mind does naturally when confronted with a problem to solve. Excitement is a natural response when the contours of the problem begin to take shape. Joy occurs naturally not only when a problem is solved but also when a surprising connection is made or a previously unseen structure comes into focus. Separated from the stressful, goal-oriented context in which it is usually learned, it is completely natural to love math.