One child I know well took Calculus with Ben Blum-Smith. A good math student, he did not expect to "get" calculus. He did. In fact, he got a 5 on the AP. A second child, whom I also know quite well, had seemingly missed whole sections of algebra and algebra II growing up. Tutorials with Ben Blum-Smith filled in the gaps and, most importantly, restored his confidence. Ben doesn't cram students with formulas and shortcuts. He cares deeply about every student's ability to comprehend the material. He is a teacher who succeeds in that most difficult of tasks - teaching for understanding.

- Steve Cohen, Education Dept., Tufts University

Our son has an ill defined learning disability which makes it difficult for him to assimilate new knowledge unless it is made very tangible. Some of the math work that our son Jonathan needed to learn from his classes was definitely abstract, and even with my extensive education, I was completely unable to make these concepts tangible. Ben, on the other hand, was brilliant. He was able to make abstract concepts tangible and my son was able to learn the material and improve his performance on the test. I was also very impressed with his ability to handle my son's passive aggressive behavior. Ben was able to interact with my teenage son Jonathan in a way that made Jonathan see him as both his teacher and his friend - a feat not accomplished by many. Overall, I would recommend Ben highly. I'm just sorry he moved out of our area or we would still use his services.

- R.H.

Ben has been working with our middle school daughter for two years now. They have a great relationship and he has really helped her gain confidence and understanding of the material. Ben's teaching style is both patient and non-threatening. However, he does challenge our daughter to really think through the problems and work to find her own answers. We would highly recommend him to anyone whose children need additional support in math.

- Matt Guerreiro and Christina Mohr

Ben Blum-Smith provided math tutoring to my daughter during her freshman and sophomore years of high school. My daughter always looked forward to her sessions with Ben. In her words: "Ben's enthusiasm and love of math made the work fun. He helped me appreciate the satisfaction of working on a problem and figuring out the solution." With Ben's support, she maintained A/B+ math grades. More importantly, she gained confidence as a mathematician. Our only regret is that Ben moved. Our loss is New York's gain.

- Martha Poehler

After working with him, I was able to understand what it was I was having trouble with, which I hadn't understood before. He was patient and helpful in explaining things, and cares about what matters - understanding the concepts and strategies.

- Mira Singer, 9th grade

Ben Blum-Smith is a great tutor. He is punctual and patient. He tutored my son in geometry and my son received an A at the end of the semester. I recommend him highly.

- Jo Ann Neusner

Ben Blum-Smith is a dream of a math tutor. He took my sixteen year old - who had hit the junior year math wall hard - and after just a few sessions, had him feeling ready and confident to enter a rigorous precalculus class at a new school. With Ben's challenging and nurturing help, precalculus turned out to be easily manageable for my child, who went on to take honors calculus very successfully in his senior year. Ben not only has a real enthusiasm for all sorts of math work, but is able to communicate that to young people in a meaningful and practical way. Gentle - but with very high expectations - Ben Blum-Smith knows how to help high school students leap over the various math hurdles they face.

- Rachel Rubin, Professor of American Studies
University of Massachusetts, Boston

Thank goodness for Ben Blum-Smith. Our son would definitely NOT have passed Math without his help. Ben managed to make math come alive and actually be intelligible for our son who had long ago decided he was math phobic. I can still see Ben pacing in the kitchen, gesticulating to our son, saying, "Let's look at it this way..." Slowly our son began to actually look at math "this way" and believe he could do it! He does NOT have to take remedial math in college and we are so grateful for that..

-Linda Nathan, Headmaster
Boston Arts Academy