Ben Blum-Smith offers private 1-to-1 tutoring in math to students at all levels. He has ten years of experience as a public school teacher and private tutor in New York and Boston. His combination of crystal-clear explanations, a knack for finding the right question to ask, his attention to the specific needs of the student in front of him, and his genuine love for math and teaching have helped scores of students increase their confidence with, understanding of, and pleasure in their math work.

Curricular Support

Ben offers rigorous math support to students who are having difficulty in class, whether they are completely lost every day or just need someone to answer a few key questions once a week. He has abundant successful experience with a wide array of learning disabilities as well as students who for any reason do not connect with their math class.

Test Preparation

If your child is interested in improving her or his SAT, SAT II or AP performance, Ben will assess your child's needs and design a course of study specifically tailored to addressing them. In the process, your child's confidence will benefit and his or her understanding will last well beyond the test date.


If your child is seeking some extra challenge, Ben takes great joy in teaching exciting, advanced math to intellectually curious students. Feed your child's mathematical inquisitiveness with an exploration on fractals, combinatorics, advanced probability, abstract algebra, the mathematics of relativity, or whatever topics pique your child's interest.

For rates and availability, send email to ben@blumsmithmath.com